Care & Maintenance

Care, Maintenance & Cleaning

High Pressure Laminate (HPL) is particularly hygenic and easy to clean. It does not require any specific maintenance other than normal cleaning.

Its compact, non-porous surface can be easily cleaned and disinfected with hot water, steam and most common non-abrasive household detergents and disinfectants (those with low levels of alkaline).

High Pressure Laminates are highly durable, so only a few precautions are necessary:
- avoid using strong acids and bases
- avoid rubbing with highly-abrasive substances or devices (i.e. sandpaper or steel wool)

It is antistatic, therefore it does not attract dust.
Arpa HPL does not require any treatment with furniture cleaners containing waxes; avoid these kinds of products as they tend to form a sticky layer on the surface which attracts dust and dirt.

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